Birth Classes

One great way of preparing for your first child is to take birth classes. This is beneficial for both of the soon-to-be parents, to learn techniques, options, coping mechanisms, and signs that it’s time to head to the hospital.

Check your area for local birth classes. They are a way of preparing both of you for the process and educate you about each step along the way. You’ll learn what happens in the first, second, and third trimester, what symptoms you may experience, and what to do for them.

If you have any queries about how you’re feeling or diet issues, the classes are an excellent place to explore them. There will be women of all stages of pregnancy in the class, which is a unique opportunity to hear about other people’s experiences.

You’ll also learn about what to do when you start entering labour. Both you, and your partner, will learn to read the signs of oncoming labour, and how to handle them, including timing the contractions, and when the best time to head to the hospital is too.

Some women go beyond their due date, which can be uncomfortable, but not unusual. Birth classes can cover what to do in these situations, and what can help to bring on the labour.

In class, you’ll watch birthing videos. These may undoubtedly come as a shock to you, but you’ll come to learn every part of what happens during labour. You will also discover useful pain management techniques for you and your partner to practice. It’s always easier for two people to remember advice, rather than just one.

And lastly, with these birthing classes, you will feel a welcoming sense of community between a group of people experiencing the same event as you are, which can be invaluable in itself.